IT: Chapter 2
IT: Chapter 2

Nor childish, neither funny nor friendly. None of those appellatives is any longer used for the LEGO characters. At least if you've seen the spectacular trailer that a fan has created to show what IT would look like: Chapter 2 if it was made with these characters.

The recreation has been made by the YouTube user, dt98films, which has achieved what seemed impossible: that the original trailer of IT: Chapter 2 that we have all seen, continues to be scary. Although, of course, it has a clear humorous tone.

Right above this paragraph, the original trailer with the actors of flesh and blood. Below, the one made by this user. As you can see yourselves, it is a completely faithful recreation, with each scene introduced completely.

There's still a long way to go before we can enjoy this long-awaited sequel to one of the most lauded remakes of all time in the film industry. However, with small jobs like these, the wait until next September 6 - the premiere in our country - will become much more "light".

As for the film itself, remember that this sequel to the adaptation of 2017 will again have Andy Muschietti as director, apart from that will feature renowned actors such as Jessica Chastain or Bill Skarsgård. The latter, who will put himself in the shoes of the evil Pennywise.

In addition, we know that filming will be quite long. Without going any further, at the moment it lasts approximately 3 hours. Of course, in reality, they still have to "pass the scissors."