Scientists Shockingly Claims Unsurvivable Asteroid May-hit-earth In 8 Years


NASA, one of the scientists, summed up an unveiling in a conference organized on topics such as threat to Earth from Earth. He said that an asteroid (celestial body) 2019-PDC could collide with Earth in the next 8 years. This claim by NASA's Center for Neighborhood Earth Studies (NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies) manager Paul Chads has claimed this. However, he said that the possibility of collision is only 10 percent. But it is such a big danger that if it collides with our earth, then a whole city can be destroyed. The biggest danger is that it can not be accurately estimated which parts of the earth will collide. Chadas also speculated that a major part of New York, Denver, West and Central Africa could be destroyed. This situation is 'uncertain' and 'unprecedented'. They asked the scientists to tell you what you want to do about this.

After that Chad's statement was a relief. They said that do not worry, the name of 2019-PDC will not bump into the earth. It was a practice. They said that before you start stocking all the packaged goods, more than 20,000 analyzes have found that in the next century, the probability of human beings in the next century is 1 in 10,000.

Let us tell you that before this, many celestial bodies have passed around the Earth. In February 2013, the collision of the Chelayabinsak asteroids of 17-20 meters was greatly damaged. Earlier, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Amy Manzer said that if it is detected even a few days ago, the options become very limited, so the study focused on the Neer Earth Objects (NEO) Are away from.