The discovery of evil planet in the Neptune Desert is 1000 degrees Celsius

The discovery of evil planet
The discovery of the evil planet

Astronomers have discovered a wicked expedition (Exoplanet) in the Neptune Desert, which has its own atmosphere.

London: Astronomers have discovered the wicked outpour (Exoplanet) in the Neptune Desert, which has its own atmosphere. Researchers from the UK's Warwick University said that NGTS-4B Varun is smaller than the planet but is three times bigger than the size of Earth. It has also been called 'The Forbidden Planet'. The mass of this excretion is equal to the mass of 20 Earth, from its diameter, its diameter is 20 percent less and the temperature is 1,000 degrees Celsius. It revolves around the planet in just 1.3 days, which is equal to the length of time that the Earth is going to do in one year of the sun. Researchers said that it is a unique discovery found in the Neptune Desert. The region near the 'Neptune Desert' stars are called where there is no planet in the shape of the Varuna Planet (Neptune)

There are strong radiations coming out of the planet in this area which means that the planet can not retain its gaseous atmosphere. Detailed information about this planet is given in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society magazine. (input language)

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