Now that we know that Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult are the two best actors to end up playing Batman in the coming years, and in the process become the protagonist of The Batman, new details about the film emerge.

Details that fans will like, because we are talking about a leak that places two emblematic characters of the franchise as the first two villains of The Batman. In addition, a third character has also been mentioned. Although the latter is a rumor.

That way, we can expect that two of the next villains in the extended DC Universe movie are the ones you have in the image above: Penguin and Catwoman. Filtration that, by the way, agrees with the rumors of the past.

That is, those who claimed that Oswald Cobblepot would appear in The Batman. It must be said that it is not an official confirmation, but the source is quite reliable. In fact, it has been The Hollywood Reporter that talks about this as if it were a fact.

Of course, while the Penguin say it clearly, the Catwoman is rather an implication. A fairly direct one, however. In any case, there is an interesting detail that, if you have seen all the movies, it will not go unnoticed. We refer to the fact that Penguin has not appeared in a film adaptation since 1992, with Batman Returns.

Interestingly, the same one in which Michelle Pfeiffer debuted. Although, it is also true that the actress was replaced by Anne Hathaway in 2012. As for the third villain we referred to, we can say that it is Riddler, according to Collider. One last detail: according to THR, could be up to 6 the villains of this new movie. Any bet or personal desire?