Black Shark 2, the new version of this smart mobile range that focuses exclusively on the design and manufacture of devices designed for portable gaming, has officially been presented.

In its presentation in China we have been able to know that the phone is available from today in the Asian country, but what we still do not know is when we will see it in our market, where the first generation of its predecessor landed.

The specifications of the Black Shark 2 show that it has arrived to become a reference device for all those who enjoy playing to the fullest with their mobile. Its 4000mAh battery promises five-hour uninterrupted gaming sessions. It also has a fast charge that allows one hour of play for every 10 minutes of charging, adding the possibility of charging the device while we play (for example during half an hour of departure to PUBG Mobile we can charge 15% of the battery).

All that battery will be needed to power the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 12GB of memory and 256GB of internal storage. In addition, it returns the liquid refrigeration that already characterized the original model.

A whole declaration of intentions is the button of fast access to the way game of the telephone. What this button allows is to completely debug the phone memory by eliminating any process in the background to leave all the processing available to the game that we are running.

For the visual experience, we have a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen with a filter to protect our eyes during long game sessions. Compatibility with HDR and TrueView technology. The sound has also been taken care of with three microphones (two of them dedicated to noise cancellation) and a loudspeaker that, they claim, is three times larger than that of an average mobile phone.

Now it only remains to know the price and the possible intention to put it on sale outside of China in the short or medium term.

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