Facebook gives Kerala student award to find fault with WhatsApp


Facebook has given a Kerala-based teenager $ 500 (approximately Rs 34,600) as a reward for finding and reporting bugs in their social messaging app WhatsApp. A 19-year-old student in bugs or a bugger in Whatsapp s. Anantakrishna is there. These students are in the Mount Jeon College of Engineering, in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. Is a student of Tech.

Ankhatana spots a bug in Khatosep, which allows a user to completely remove a file from the social messaging app, and does not even allow another user to know about missing files. According to Mathrubhumi, a Kerala news magazine, for the first time, Ankit had spotted this bug two months ago and informed Facebook about this bug and corrective measures.

After this, Facebook verified the claims of Anand Krishna and gave him a 500-dollar cash prize after two months of observation. In addition to the cash prize, the company also included the list of the Hall of Fame list to the student. Anand Sharma's name is at 80 in the company's Facebook Thanks List of 2019. This list includes those who search for bugs on the Facebook platform and tell the company ways to improve it.

This list also includes the name of those people who spotted the bug on Instagram, Oculus, Ovano and Company's open source projects and told the company about the other platforms of the company as Honor. Ananthakrishna also works with the Research and Development Center of Kerala Police in addition to Ethical Hacking.