Game Over Movie Review: Learn how is Taapsee Pannu's Psychological Thriller film.

Game Over Movie Review
Game Over Movie Review

Game Over Movie Review:

 Taapsee Pannu's movie managed to maintain suspense until the last moment

All the video games played in childhood. Everyone has their own favorite game, which they always like to play. This week the film released by Taapsee Pannu is called Game Over. Listening to the name of the movie seems to be a reminder of your childhood. But it is not that it is a thriller movie, with suspense, you are going to scare some scenes.  Taapsee Pannu has been seen playing the role of a video game designer in the film, who is trying to come out of her past. They are also themselves a video game addict. It is a psychological thriller that is ending on the Open End. In the same way, as you have three lifelines while playing video games, the film has also been connected to three lifelines.

Game Over Movie Review: Learn how is  Taapsee Pannu's 

Psychological Thriller film.

The story of the game over starts with the girls' murder in Gurgaon. A person kills the girls and separates their neck and burns their body. First of all, the girl who lives there is with Amrita. Amrita is very fond of tattooing. After which the story of Sapna ( Taapsee Pannu) starts Dreams are a video game designer and are also trying to come out of their past. Dreams are very scared of darkness due to which they keep coming in panic attacks and work instead of going home instead of going to the office. They are infected with the anniversary effect. If an incident has happened to you in front of you and it has been printed in your head, then when all of its anniversaries are coming, then all of you start walking in your head again. There is a tattoo in the hands of the dream, which shows the connection of the dream and Amrita. The movie progresses and the suspense increases with fear. The connection of Amrita and Sapna will be known to you in the first half of the movie, but the Murder and video game keeps you tied till the last.

In the film, the acting of both  Taapsee Pannu and Vinodhini Vaidyanathan is fantastic. Tapasi has done every emotion well. Fear, coming out of your past every expression was perfect. Despite being Tamil in Hindi, Hindi dubbing and lip-sync was largely perfect.

Game Over Movie Review
Game Over Movie Review

The movie is finished on Open End. Because of the layer that is slowly open in Second Hoff, you keep thinking that what is going to happen in the film.

The movie has been directed by Ashwin Saravanan. Like every time Ashwin has done a great direction this time too. From every horror scene to thriller, every scene is shown in the best possible way.

See why:
If you like to watch a horror movie with thrillers, then you can watch this movie. The second half also binds you with the first half of the film, and you do not feel bored anywhere. Just keep thinking about what's going to happen.

At the end of the film, some sings seem a little awkward to you according to timing. As the film progresses, questions arise in your mind, which you do not get the answer in the film. Also, the thriller you get at the beginning of the second hoff goes down until the end of the movie.

Business Veeru gives 3.5 out of 5 stars to this movie.


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