NASA will open a space station for tourists, this price will be

NASA is going to launch a special feature for people who are passionate about space travel. Under this, tourists will be allowed to go to the International Space Station.


NASA is now preparing to allow for space tourism to go into the International Space Station (ISS). On Friday, June 7, NASA announced that it will open an international space station for business plans, including space tourism from 2020. For this, the passengers will have to pay a heavy price. To spend one night in space, it will cost the US $ 35,000.

Let us know that NASA has kept this laboratory located in space far away from any other kind of activity for scientific interests. While Russia has kept its space laboratory open for commercial activities. NASA's move is being seen as a business to collect funds. NASA has planned that more than two small astronauts can go to the International Space Center and stay there for thirty days.

In New York, NASA Chief Financial Officer Jeff Davit said that it is estimated that the cost per trip will be approximately 50 million dollars (3 trillion, 46 crores) per seat. He told that the responsibility of arranging these passengers will be given to Space X and Boeing Company. The NASA itself will take responsibility for living, food, and communication in the center and instead of taking the money from the traveler. Which will be approximately 35 thousand dollars per night.

At the same time, NASA also said that more than 12 private astronauts can visit ISS every year. These passengers will be deployed for the orbiter, especially by two companies developing the transport vehicle for NASA. Space X has interacted with the crew dragon capsule and Boeing for this. These companies will choose customers and bills for ISS travel.

Significantly, the space station is not related to NASA. It was made with Russia in 1998 and other countries participated in this mission. And he sends his astronauts, but US Orbiter makes payments and controls for most modules.

Space tourists for ISS will not be new. Before this, American businessman 'Dennis Tito' has been in the form of an astronaut in 2001. About 18 years ago, he paid the US $ 20 million to travel to Russia.

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