Sushmita Sen asked to accompany the fans during the illness - thank you, shared post

Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen 

Sushmita Sen continues to be in the discussion day. In a recent interview, he talked about his relationship with his daughters René and Alisha and relationships with Boyfriend Rohman Shawl. Along with this, how he emerged from his illness. Sushmita Sen shared a post on social media to say thank you for the love and support of the fans to emerge from her illness.

Sushmita Sen wrote while sharing the post - You all are hearted. Thank you for your touching message. Share your truth in Woman We Love was the best experience. Remember, every word that ever speaks. Because you do not know whose life can change completely in it. Your words changed my life and gave me the power to get right. There are many people who are infected with an autoimmune condition. I can understand If your soul is stronger than body then it is always hoped. Never consider yourself alone as Cole. Never give up Yoga with your medicines. Does it work? Always find the way.

You guys are ALL HEART!!!!👏❤️🤗😊 Thank you for these heartfelt & overwhelming messages #womenwelove 😍 sharing my truth has always been one of the most liberating experiences!!! Remember, every word ever spoken, carries enormous powers, make them kind & filled with immense gratitude. You never know who’s life it can change forever!!❤️😊 Your words changed mine & gave me the courage to heal in the most trying of times 🙏❤️🤗 THANK YOU for all the love!!!! There are many of you suffering from an Autoimmune condition, as honestly shared by you. I feel you & deeply understand your struggle...MIRACLES DO HAPPEN when our spirit is stronger than the body, There is always hope, even when we feel isolated, NEVER GIVE UP!!! Please try Yoga along with your medicines, IT WORKS!!!🤗🙏❤️ Our life force is VERY intuitive, when strengthened, it always finds a way!!!#listentoyourbody #itsallhappening 👍❤️🤗 I love you guys!!! #duggadugga #yourstruly #gratitude #mmuuuuaaaahhhh 🤗💋
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A few days ago, Sushmita's boyfriend Rohman Shawl and daughter Reine and Alisha Rehman celebrated her achievement and again crowned him. Sushmita tweeted a photo with the cake on Thursday and wrote, "What a great journey! Thanks to my motherland India for giving me my proud identity. The love and respect that I have received for 25 years are undoubtedly the biggest of my life. Earning. "

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