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X-Men Dark Phoenix Review with spoilers
X-Men Dark Phoenix Review with spoilers

We know that Disney has bought Fox and therefore has put the X-Men in the bag of their future projects. But to start a new saga, the New Generation of mutants had to be closed first. This is how the fourth film has served as a closing for a universe that has gone from more to less with each new delivery. Nor have a luxury cast, with good and recognized actors have served to extol the end. On the contrary, it seems that they wanted to remove the brown from the middle. But what they have achieved is to pass the brown to the X-Men fans, who have seen the spark of First Generation disappear with each new movie.

The last two films in the X-Men series have two things in common. The same director and the same plot. Well, better said three, if we include the disappointment.

Jane Gray (Sophie Turner) becomes the Dark Phoenix and therefore, the most powerful person ever seen, one that after absorbing the criminogenic energy of the universe becomes lethal. Like an uncontrollable energy pump about to explode.

They have wanted that instability that endangers everything that Jane Gray touches comes influenced by a family trauma: her father is still alive but resigned her because she considers her guilty of the death of his wife. A hard blow that drives her out of control to the point of being a threat to her own friends and family, killing even Raven (Jennifer Lawrence wanted to leave the project before she started it).
X-Men Dark Phoenix Review with spoilers
X-Men Dark Phoenix Review with spoilers
But Jane Gray could not be the villain, so they had to put a bigger threat without feelings or scruples: Vuk (Jessica Chastain). This is the leader of an alien race that after losing their planet because of the primal energy thinks that the Earth may be the ideal place to start over. Although of that alien species removing Chastain, the rest are figurants with many more muscles than phrases.

This is how Vuk tries to convince Jane Gray to use the energy to change the universe. Although in their true plans is to extinguish the human race and stay with our planet (it seems that they have not yet learned about climate change and that they are probably more likely to survive on Mars in about fifty years).

But everything is an excuse for Jane Gray to be the heroine who sacrifices herself for the good of humanity, reborn as an ethereal phoenix that moves through the sky as if it were a battery-powered kite.

It's a pity that a saga that started so well has ended in such a decaffeinated way. And that I had Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender to have achieved a very memorable closure. But the script is as predictable as lacking in spirit. It gives the feeling that they wanted to get rid of the project in the middle and they have not put any effort or passion into giving depth to the story or the characters.

In fact, all the trauma of Jane Gray is caught with tweezers. And very unfortunate the continuous flashbacks, constantly used to highlight a badly digested tragedy.

Magneto and Beast try to kill Jane Gray when we saw that Raven's death was more an accident than a murder. Neither the role of Professor Xavier is well achieved. Now they want us to see him as a failure who makes bad decisions without taking responsibility. And his end with early retirement and chess match with Magneto does not benefit him. Where is the friendship-rivalry that was really an excuse to criticize racism? Where are the moral dilemmas of X-Men?

It is a real pity that Dark Phoenix has finished as he has done. It's a shame that the X-Men have not shown that there is a superhero spirit outside of Disney. And also that the essence of the mutants has evaporated without a good conclusion.

We know that there is still a way to explore for the X-Men and they will be reborn again under another company, but we also know that Disney never risks and that the only option to surprise has vanished.

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