Christopher Lloyd has an idea for Back to the Future 4

In an idyllic time to launch remakes and appeal to nostalgia, how about a new installment of Back to the Future? Eye to the idea.

Not long ago we told you that Regreso al Futuro will come back -never better said- in musical form. And although there is still a long way to go, since that will happen in 2020, the news that we have today could raise the spirits of the most impatient.

Nothing more and nothing less than the idea that Christopher Lloyd, an actor who embodied Doc, had for a fourth numbered edition of the film saga. At least, he has thrown the glove; Now it will be necessary to see if there is someone to pick it up. At least, the idea is brilliant. Go up to the DeLorean, we'll tell you.

As stated by the actor himself in the Niagara Falls Comic Con (us via Comicbook), the ideal for a new delivery would be to introduce some kind of important message to society: for example, the issue of climate change. This is what he has commented on:

"It's complicated because you do not want to do another and disappoint, so I do not know, I'd love it, for me, but we'll see, I think that somehow you need to convey a message about something that is universally important to everyone, like climate change. In some way, incorporate the fever that exists at the time of the film, while maintaining the sensations of one, two and three. "

On the other hand, all those who wonder what would happen to the leading actor, Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly in the franchise), Lloyd is also clear. According to him, the disease should not be an impediment: "His Parkinson ... He has it, but I think 'So what?', He just pulls forward, it's very cool, a couple of months ago we were some of us, cast of Back to the future, Tom Wilson and Lea Thompson .. We were all in a panel, and Michael just stepped forward, spoke, and made with people, it's great. "

Anyway, remember that it is difficult to become a reality, since Robert Zemeckis, the director of the original trilogy, is very much against rescuing the license.

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