Jason Lives Director Has Written A New Friday The 13th Script

A New Friday The 13th Script
A New Friday The 13th Script

Tom McLoughlin has written a script that he can not teach anyone.

Tom McLoughlin, director and screenwriter of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, has confirmed that he has a written script for a new installment of the endless saga of Jason Voorhees.

All that McLoughlin has been able to say about what he has written is that it is something new for the franchise but without losing the touch of Friday the 13th, unfortunately, he can not show it to any studio.

Litigation with screenwriter Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham's company Horror Inc. is preventing McLoughlin from taking this project forward despite the fact that Paramount had him to return the killer of the hockey mask to grateful fans with his vision behind the disappointing disappearance of the character in the fifth installment of the saga.

At the moment it is difficult to know how this is going to end, but we doubt that we will be without Voorhees for a long time. Maybe those of Jason Blum end up getting restart the franchise after having demonstrated their good work with Halloween night, we know that interest in restarting Friday the 13th is not lacking.