Jeremy Renner refused to be Hellboy in Guillermo del Toros film

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

The actor who plays Ojo de Halcón at the MCU refused to be the character of Mignola.

Recently the actor Jeremy Renner has been on Justin Long's podcast and during the interview, he revealed that he was offered the role of  Hellboy in Guillermo del Toro's film and also the reasons for which he rejected them.

I was reading the script and thinking 'I do not get it ...' I could not connect with him. I said 'I can not find a way to get into the character, I do not know how to do it' so I had to say no.

Finally, the 2004 film found in Ron Perlman his Hellboy and the result was more than satisfactory for the followers of the character created by Mike Mignola.

Currently, the role for which Jeremy Renner is recognized is mainly that of Clint Barton / Eye of Hawk / Ronin at the MCU, where he has been taken true affection for his interpretation of the Marvel goalkeeper, so he has not done anything wrong.

In fact, in this same interview, Renner talked about how attractive his role in the MCU is because he is a guy without any superpower, simply with incredible skills for long and short distance combat.