Kim Jong Un: Tyrant Kim Jong Un's condition critical, speculation of brain dead

Kim Jong Un
The US official has claimed that North Korean freak dictator Kim Jong-un's condition remains critical after surgery. Kim did not recently attend the celebration of her grandfather's birthday on 15 April. After which concern is being raised about his health. He appeared four days ago during a government meeting.

According to a CNN report, another US official says the ongoing concerns about Kim's health are credible but the severity is difficult to assess. However, there is also speculation that he has become brain dead. On April 12, Kim went through a procedure related to heart and blood vessels, according to South Korea's online site which reports on North Korea.

According to the news site, he had to go through this process because he smokes a lot, struggles with obesity and works more. He is undergoing treatment in Hyansang County. A part of the medical team returned to Pyongyang on April 19 after Kim's health improved and some are staying there to recover.

North Korea completely controls the news about its leader and is considered a god there. However, CNN says it does not confirm the news. On Tuesday, South Korea said that they are looking at the report of the US media, in which Kim Jong-un's condition is said to be critical.

His absence from official media often leads to speculation about his health. The press has no freedom in North Korea. Therefore, there is printed/shown what the government wants. Kim last appeared in the media on 11 April.

North Korea was a very important festival on 15 April, as it is the birthday of Kim 2 Sung, the country's founder. There was no official mention of Kim on this day. Experts are unsure why Kim did not appear at her grandfather's birthday.

South Korea is investigating news related to Kim Jong Un's health
The South Korean government is investigating US media reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in critical condition after the surgery. Officials from South Korea's Unification Ministry and the National Intelligence Service said they could not immediately confirm the report.

CNN quoted an anonymous US official as saying that Kim was in serious danger after a surgery. The Unification Ministry, which handles cases between the two Korean countries, said it could not also confirm another news from the daily NK, citing unnamed sources as saying that Kim underwent heart surgery in the capital Pyongyang And his condition is improving.

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