The 'Dark' We Summarize Their Timelines and Family Tree Before Season 3 Premiere

The 'Dark' Chop (Netflix): We Summarize Their Timelines and Family Tree Before Season 3 Premiere

The last season of the German supernatural series arrives on the streaming platform on Saturday, June 27.

The image of a woman concentrated while confused surrounded by mathematical formulas. A man dressed in a suit, disheveled, looking as if he had slept very little and in front of a wall full of diagrams, plans, and connections trying to explain what is happening. You know what we mean. They are two of the most widely used memes on social networks and those with which Dark viewers have most identified. Netflix's German supernatural fiction set in the fictional town of Winden has become a real phenomenon. Her intricate timelines, her travels to the past and the future, and versions of her characters at different ages have caused more than a headache for her fans. To the relief of some and to the pain of others, the series, created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, comes to an end with the premiere of its third season. The day chosen for the arrival on the streaming platform of the new episodes could not have been another: Saturday, June 27, 2020, the date of the apocalypse in fiction.

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The trailer for the future season has already put Dark fans on notice. In case the timelines and the family tree were not complicated enough, the creators of fiction will take us to another world in which it seems that each character assumes the alternative version of another. Therefore, getting to the third installment with things clear is important in order to assimilate all this new information. Below, we've written down the two most important things to keep in mind: timelines and the family tree of families that make sense of Dark. Take it as a chop with which to consult your doubts or refresh your memory before the end of the world.

In Dark, time travel is possible as long as it is done between 33-year intervals. In other words, from 2019 you can travel to 1986 or 2053. This is related to the lunar cycle since this satellite and the sun align every 33 years.

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In fiction, it is also important to know what cycles are. From the information that the series has given us, it seems that this term plays with determinism and is what some characters like Claudia are trying to break. Why? Because the characters are caught in a kind of loop in which the events are always happening in the same way. If it changes at some point, the future can also change.


It is the oldest timeline to which any of its characters has traveled. This is the case of Jonas, who went from the apocalyptic future of 2053 to this year. It is in 1921 when we see a young Noah dig Winden's cave through which it is possible to travel to the past. It is also the year that Jonas discovers a terrible fact: Adam, a villain with a distorted face and leader of Sic Mundus - a time traveler organization whose name translates to "This is how the world was created" - is his old version.


This year is where we meet the younger versions of characters like Claudia, Toronto, Helge, and Ines. It is also the time the 2019 Ulrich travels to and tries to end Helge's life. 1953 is also key when it comes to the Winden Nuclear Power Plant, as that is when Bernd Doppler proposes its construction. It is also in this year that Claudia visits the watchmaker H.G. Tanenhaus and asks him to build a time machine. Finally, it is in this period when the bodies of Erik Obendorf and Yasmin Friese sent from the future are discovered.


The 80s suppose the introduction of the adolescent versions of the parents of Jonas, Martha, and Bartosz, among others. It is also the time Mikkel travels since 2019 and in which he is adopted by Ines. This year is marked by the incident at the nuclear power plant and the appearance in Winden of Aleksander Köhler, the future husband of Regina Tiedemann.


2019 is the first year we know about Dark. We could say that it is the present from which the action is happening. It involves the disappearance of Mikkel and the suicide of his adult version, who, in turn, is the father of Jonas. These two events are what activate everything you've already seen in both seasons of fiction. June 27, 2020, is marked as the day of the apocalypse.


It is the future that Jonas travels to at the end of the first installment. An apocalyptic world in which a nuclear power plant is a restricted place. The survivors are organized as a militia and their leader is Elisabeth Doppler.

The other world

At the end of the second season, when Adam kills Martha in front of Jonas to start the cycle, Martha from another world appears and takes Jonas with her. From what she has let us see the preview of the third season of Dark, it seems that we will know an alternative universe in which Martha is the counterpart of Jonas. Therefore, it is to be supposed that each character will have her 'equal' in the other world, only that they will be physically different people.


In the pages of this special -you can browse the different families of Dark through the drop-down that crowns this text- we have summarized the most important events of each character. We have also accompanied it with an image in which you can see the different versions (young, adult, and old) of each of them.

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