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The series starring Katherine Langford is now available on the ‘streaming’ platform.

The story of King Arthur has been reimagined and reinterpreted numerous times, both in film and on television series. But I dare say that none has been a breath of fresh air like Cursed, the new bet of the Netflix fantasy genre that is already available on the streaming platform.

The series created by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller tells the story of Nimue, a young heroine whose destiny is to become the Lady of the Lake. From her point of view, we meet a young mercenary Arthur, a budding Morgana, and a merlin without magic, drunk and quite cynical, among other characters.

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Having seen the 10 episodes of the first season, I can say that Cursed is an epic adventure and with a great female protagonist to take arms, something that is greatly appreciated. Although I was indeed expecting it more ‘family-friendly’, I was pleasantly surprised that the Netflix series does not skimp on showing dismemberment and gushing blood at any time. After all, we are talking about Frank Miller, father of Sin City or 300.

The best thing about Cursed is how easy it makes you enter their world. Without realizing it, at the end of the first episode you ask for more of what surrounds Nimue and her adventure with Excalibur. You want to know each and every one of the creatures that inhabit the series, the history of the Fey, what really happens to Merlin, how Arthur has become in the series, and many other plots. Production, makeup, and wardrobe work also help, they are incredible along with the design of the creatures, the Red Paladins or the Crying Monk.

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Although there is room for romantic relationships, it is not the main focus of the series. It is something totally secondary that is more like something anecdotal and not a reason or incentive why the protagonist ends up being a great heroine or that ends up discovering her powers.

If you are a fan of Frank Miller, you will appreciate the animated transitions between one scene and another to change places or situations, a detail very much in Miller's style. Also, there is a scene that is very reminiscent of 300 in its way of execution and atmosphere, a pretty good wink considering what the scene tells. Just as it does not skimp on blood, neither does it kill deaths, thus accentuating its opacity of adventure as is the story itself of King Arthur.

All in all, each and every actor is amazing, most notably Katherine Langford and Gustaf Skarsgard, and Cursed can easily fill in that fantasy genre gap that Game of Thrones has left, so I hope they give it every season. you need to continue building and evolving all the characters introduced in the first season.

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