Avatar: Sigourney Weaver stars in the new footage from the filming of the sequels - 3Movierulz

The actress gave life to Grace Augustine in the first installment of the series. The second installment in the franchise, directed by James Cameron, premiered in 2022.

The sequels to Avatar continue filming under director James Cameron and one of the show's veteran actresses stars in the latest images from the production. We're talking about Sigourney Weaver, who gave life to Grace Augustine in the first installment released in 2009 and will also be part of the upcoming films. 

It was the franchise's Twitter account that shared the photos with the following message: "Since the set of the sequels to Avatar: Sigourney Weaver never fears an action scene, even being underwater!" In the first image, the actress appears underwater next to another team member. In the second, Weaver looks at the camera from the water tank in which much of the filming is taking place. If you're wondering what all those balls surround the performer are, they are used to create a layer on the surface of the water to prevent the lights from interfering with the recording. 

If you remember the first installment in the saga, Weaver's character dies in the end. However, its essence was discharged from the collective memory banks of the planet Pandora. Those memories stored on the planet could explain the character's return. In addition, everything suggests that the actress does not play a human, because in the images she appears in a 'motion capture' costume. 

Avatar 2 will arrive in the cinemas on December 16, 2022. Avatar 3 will do so on December 20, 2024. Avatar 4 on December 18, 2026. Finally, Avatar 5 will do so on December 22, 2028. Sam Worthington will return as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana as Neytiri. Kate Winslet, Oona Chaplin, Cliff Curtis, and Giovanni Ribisi are some of the actors who have joined the sequels.

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