Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma Movie Review in 3Movierulz


Release Date: November 13, 2020 Rating: 2.5/5

Lead Cast: Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Seerat Kapoor, Tanikella Bharani

Director: Aditya Mandala

Music Director: Sricharan Pakala

Producers: Sanjay Reddy - Anil Palla - G. Sunita- Kirti Chilukuri.

Sidhu Jonalagadda and Sirath Kapoor are the latest releases of 'Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma' directed by Aditya Mandala.

they grew up. Let's go to the review and see how this love story is in the city backdrop.

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Plus Points:

Sidhu Jonalagadda, who played the hero in the film, was impressed with his timing. While doing justice to his role as a hero with a settled performance In some scenes, he was very impressed with his is acting. Sheeran Kapoor, who played the heroine, did not need to prove himself but did a little more. But she was impressed with her screen presence. Senior actor Tanikella Bharani has acted well in his role as usual and has become a little more attractive to the film.

The main song in the second half is good. Also, some romantic episodes in the first episode impress young audiences. The rest of the actors also acted well in their roles. The music provided by Sricharan Pakala in the film has been a plus for the film. Harsha, who played another key role, has worked hard to laugh. Pragati, who appeared in another important role, has been more invaluable in his role as usual. Fish Venkat laughs well. Kamal Kamaraj and Kalpika Ganesh have acted well in supporting roles.

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Minus Points:

The love story of the city backdrop is not the right story. Silly Confluence The film is going on with a boring treatment with weak characters. Although some romantic scenes are good in the first half, most of the other scenes seem to be very dull. The director tried to impress with some love scenes The film did not go very interesting.

The story is very weekly in the main film, and the screenplay is also not a plus for the film. The script is not strong in the scenes As well as some unnecessary scenes for the story, the film is minus points. The first half-hour of the film is very boring.

The director took more than half an hour to take the heroine to the party and take it to the love story. Although the director is likely to write good emotions in terms of content, the director could not lead the film in that direction. The script has to work better. At least the target audience is connected to the film.

Technical Department:

The director's intention to make a film with his style of treatment for the actual events in contemporary love stories is good, but the director failed to write the right storytelling to his point. The cinematography is good in the film. The cameraman has shown some of the key scenes in the second half along with the key scenes in the first half. When it comes to music Two songs are good... Background music is okay. Editing is also good. The production values for the film are in the same way as the film.


'Our strange story' is more than the story of the film The the rare lying. The film was directed by Aditya Mandala and Sidhu Jona Magadha and sirath kapoor lead roles in the film did not get a full impression. But some of the bold scenes of today's love in the heroine's track, mainly Sidhu's performance is good. But, the storytelling is not interesting and the film is boring as the right flow is missing in the film. Though the film does not impress all the audience The audience who like such films is feeling that the film can be seen once.

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