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Lead Cast: Shabana Azmi, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Riva Arora, Satyadeep, and others

Director: Terry Samundra

Producers: Ramon Chib, Anku Pandey

Cameraman: Sejal Shah

Music Director: Daniel B. George Rating: 2/5

The series of web series reviewing the OTT movies Today's series 'kaali khuhi' is available on Netflix. Let's see how this series is in review

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Ten-year-old Shivangi (Riva Arora) is going to her home village with her parents Priya (Sanjeeda Sheikh) and Darshan (Satyadeep Mishra), who sees her sick grandmother (Leela Samson). As soon as she lands there, strange things begin to happen. It is known that all these are happening only because of the bad power and the terrible well of kaali khuhi. What is the relationship with that well? What is the relationship between the whole story and the young girls? How does Shaban Azmi help Shivangi? Finally, how the story of Shivangi ends is the rest of the story.

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What's good:

It is very good to see Shabana Azmi after a long time on the screen through this film. She has performed an extraordinary performance as Satya Masi. With his performance, the film has brought a calm effect. All her scenes with Riva Arora are very good. But Riva Arora is a young woman who is a star in the film. A young actress has acted very bravely. She displayed a variety of emotions with her eyes.

The supporting cast also worked well in the film. The production values are good and some scenes related to Blackwell were well executed at the beginning of the film. The other two child artists, Bhanushali and Rose Rathore and Riva's friends, have also done well. The visuals of the arrest are also good.

What's not good:

The story is good but its narrative is not good. The film is mostly described in a simple tone and the scenes, and content that comes, in the beginning, is not as effective as the end. Logic is gone in the pre-climax. The script also has many loopholes as the narrative is going slowly. The evil spirit and the unfolding of Itnis are not good either. Also, the twists displayed do not create that effect. The scenes in the second half of the film are weak. and the climax is a rush.

Verdict :

Overall, the film with kaali khuhi has a good campus as well as the setup also starts well. But since the key scenes are started to emerge, the writing becomes too weak. And the scenes seem a little bit weekly. The pre-climax loses much logic and the major turns have turned the film dull and boring.

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