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Movie Name: Alludu Adhurs

Star Cast: Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Nabha Natesh, Anu Emmanuel

Director: Santosh Srinivas

Producer: Gorrela Subramanyam

Music: Devisri Prasad

Run Time: 2hr 29mins

Release: 14th January 2021 Rating: 3/5

Bellamkonda Srinivas entered the field as Sankranthi Alludi with the aim of entertaining the Telugu audience. After the super hit movie like 'Rakshasudu', Bellamkonda Srinivas tried to give full entertainment with his Alludu Adhurs movie as the hero. Directed by Santosh Srinivas, the film stars Nabha Natesh and Anu Emmanuel opposite Bellamkonda Srinivas as the heroines. Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood played key roles. The film promoted the audience as a comedy entertainer. And how is the story of this movie? How did the article go? Let's see the performance of the actors in this review.

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Srinu (Bellamkonda Srinivas) falls in love with Vasundhara Reddy (Anu Emanuel) as a child and fails. Since then he has stayed away from girls and love. But when he grows up, he falls in love with Kaumudi (Nabha Natesh). After some dramatic developments, Kaumudi's father Jaipal Reddy (Prakash Raj) comes to an agreement and Gaja (Sonu Sood) enters his life at a time when Tira Srinu falls in love with Kaumudi and Srinu's goal changes. Who exactly is this yard? What has he got to do with Vasundhara? How did Srinu finally win his love? What kind of help did he give to his first love Vasundhara? What happened in the middle of this? Is the rest of the story.

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Plus points in Alladu Adurs movie:

Bellamkonda Srinivas is very fit in terms of looks and physique in the role of Srinu. Over and over he did full justice to his character by impressing with his acting which is more mature than ever. Especially the adventures in the action scenes that he risked and did again are good. Nabha Natesh, who played the heroine, was the special attraction of the film with her screen presence and glamor.

Director Santosh Srinivas's attempt to show the comedy angle that he has with this film is good. Writing the screenplay amidst the reality of the imagination and wanting to make a second-half film in that context, especially the commercial elements handled well rather than miss.

Good actors like Prakash Raj, Indraja, and Sonu Sood played their roles in the film wonderfully and tried to make the film stand out. Moonlight Kishore laughs sporadically with his comedy timing. Also, Anu Emanuel, who played a key role who did not appear for a long time, was impressed with her performance. The rest of the cast also did full justice to their roles.

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Technical Department:

Story Idea, written by director Santosh Srinivas, is very regular. Moreover, the treatment to suit the idea was very regular and boring. The re-recording provided by Music Director‌ Devi took the movie to another level, the sound and some bits in the songs are very good. The fights composed by Ram Laxman are also very good. Every fight is like a climax fight. The cinematographer showed all the scenes in the film very beautifully. While the editing is good, it would have been nice to have trimmed some of the stretching scenes in the second half. The production values ​​adopted in the film are also very good.

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Coming to the front of the audience with a regular point, the film is finally getting bored of growing into a routine comedy action entertainer. However, the action scenes in the movie, the acting of the characters, some of the comedy scenes between them are good. But, the lack of novelty in the film, some scenes reminiscent of old movies, as well as the boring treatment hurt the film result. Although some of the elements of the film as a whole are connected to the BC Centers audience, the film does not impress.

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