Gully Rowdy 2021 Telugu Movie Full Review In 3 Movierulz

Gully Rowdy


Vasu belongs to a rowdy family. Reluctantly, he is forced into a gang war. Meanwhile, heroine Neha Shetty falls in love. But she has a big problem. Vasu wants to protect her family by using a rowdy background. How did Vasu, who did not want to be a real bully, save her family? How did she win her love? What kind of turn did the Vasu story finally take? If you want to know such things, you have to watch this movie on the silver screen.


Sandeep Kishan, who played the hero of this movie, looks fresher and more stylish in this movie than in his previous movies. It impressed with its settled performance, while still trying to laugh out loud with its timing‌ with his characterization. Rajendra Prasad's performance in another key role is also very good. As Head Constable Rajendra Prasad cultivated good comedy.

Neha Shetty, who played the heroine in the film, was impressed with her screen presence as well as glamor. The scenes between Sandeep and Neha Shetty are also good. Bobby Sinha played a good role. Also, the character of Posani is good. The kidnapping comedy was good in the first half. Moonlight Kishore shared good entertainment with his character. The rest of the cast also performed well in terms of their character range.

Although the first half of the film is impressive, it is not a second of interest. The director failed to generate interesting drama. Most of the scenes in the second half were lagged. Bobby Sinha’s character was hyped for no reason. The process of prosecuting the case has also been slow.

Although the main characterizations may seem intriguing at first .. Clarity will not be impressed by the lack of clarity when it comes to the end. Also, the story lacks naturalism as the drama is high in many places in the film. In a story that stretches with weak events as a whole .. the strong conflict is missed. It would have been nice if the director had still firmly established the key elements and scenes in the story.

The film director G.Nageswarareddy chose a good story. Although he tried to impress the audience with his directing work, it was not entirely satisfactory. He still had to focus on the second half. The cinematography in the film is good. Editing is fine, but if the stretching scenes in the film were reduced .. it would be a plus for the film. The producers built this film without compromising anywhere. The architectural values ​​are very good.

Sandeep Kishan, who is known as 'Gully Rowdy', came up with a good comedy and action entertainer but was not completely impressed. However, the film has a backdrop setup, character elevations, as well as comedy. Otherwise things like boring treatment, interesting stretch screenplay are a minus for the film. Ignore the storylines and watch this movie if you just want to pass the time.

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