Maestro 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3 Movierulz

Maestro Movie Review

Maestro Movie is a remake of the Bollywood blockbuster Andhadun. Merlapaka Gandhi was a director. Nithiin's own production company Shreshth Movies produced the film. The producers released the film on Disney Hot Star as the OTT deal was completed at a time when there was no clarity about the theaters. How did Nithiin impress in his role as Ayushman Khurana as a blind man in Hindi? Did this suspense thriller impress the audience? Or not? How did Tamanna first appear in a character with shades of gray? Let's go into the story first to know the things.

Arun is a pianist in Goa. He lies that he lost his eyesight in an accident even though he had eyes with the intention of focusing on the work he was doing. The blind man behaves as well as he does. Everyone wants to be real. One day Sophie gets acquainted with Arun. She loves Arun. Senior actor Mohan, who likes Arun playing piano music, wants to give a birthday surprise to his wife Simran. So he wants to come to his house and play music in person. Arun goes to Vallinti as per Mohan's wish. If Mohan goes there and sees Mohan, he will be dead. Everyone thinks Arun's eyes are closed. But who killed Mohan? Why was he killed? Arun pays attention to the issues. Then it happens. What kind of plan did Simran have? What kind of situation does Arun face after seeing the murder? What will happen to Simran in the end? You have to watch a movie to know the things.

During the remake, it is important to carry the Soul in the original story. If we go into the details of how the producers of the show did it when Mari Andhadun did the remake as the maestro .. we have to say first about the hero Nithiin. Hero means not only mass and commercial films but also one of the films made by Nithiin Different. It is a movie that will be a plus for you as an actor. Tamanna carried a character like another main pillar for the film. Tamanna, who has been acclaimed as a heroine till now, made her debut in the role of Gray Shades. She can't be compared to a taboo character in Hindi but... she made the character connect with the audience with her gestures. Nabhanatesh also did justice to her role as the heroine. Vikenares who's a senior, who plays Tamanna Secret Boyfriend issues Gupta, Naresh featuring unique nigella daughter, who issues Sri Mukhi wife, who played a key role in the second half mangled, raccaravi, Harsh Vardhan said to have justice in their respective roles.

Technically... Director Merlapaka Gandhi succeeded in taking the film forward to connect Telugus without spoiling Andhadun. Compared to Andhadun, there were no other changes except for a few minor changes. Instead of missing the grip in the original, Merlapaka Gandhi succeeded in mixing the songs and directing the story. Narratively simple dialogues are literal. J. Yuvraj's cinematography was the main strength of the film. Each frame looked rich. Unlike the songs provided by Mahathi Swarasagar .. the song is ok and the rest of the songs are not so impressive. The background score is good. The movie feels okay to the audience who saw the Andhadun movie in Hindi. But for those who haven't seen it, there is no doubt that the film looks good

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