No Time To Die (2021) Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review in 3 Movierulz And YTS

No Time To Die (2021) Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review in 3 Movierulz And YTS 

No Time To Die in 3 Movierulz

No Time To Die, it's not time to die yet

The main standout element of 007's current saga is undoubtedly its deep narrative continuity. The path is taken by Bond starting from Casino Royale, passing through Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and finally, Specter has created over the years a real universe in which events, developments and characters have had the opportunity to constantly evolve, contaminating classic ideas. of the Bondian "mythology" with some elements of modernity.

In No Time To Die, therefore, most of the plots sown by the previous chapters converge, and in particular, the characters who have marked the career of the most recent 007. We will not continue further in revealing the returns and references to the films that preceded No Time To Die, nor will we go into too much detail in the story of this episode so as not to expose you to anticipations that we will leave you the pleasure of discovering in over two and a half hours of viewing.

Suffice it to say that, sometime after the events of Specter, James tries to enjoy a well-deserved retirement after years of espionage, blood and suffering. However, just when it seems to him that he has finally reached the much-coveted serenity, of having conquered a long-sought love and having come to terms with the ghosts of his past, death returns to haunt the now ex Agent 007.

Forced to flee again, and to start from scratch leaving everything behind, Bond finds himself in Jamaica and is contacted by Felix Leiter to collaborate with the CIA and close an old pending issue. And it is only after accepting his new, last mission that the protagonist realizes that the demons, perhaps, will never abandon him.

License to be wrong
The opening scene of No Time To Die is quite dazzling, a brilliant flashback with tones bordering on horror and a convincing introduction of the villain played by Rami Malek. The next few minutes are in line with the narrative standards of the previous chapters: a fairly incredible sequence of action and chase, which triggers the dramatic developments of the plot.

In fact, between well-placed twists and interesting construction of the mystery linked to the past of some characters and the villain himself, the first two acts of Fukunaga's film work, except to get lost in a controversial final part.

What shines for most of the film is above all the direction of Fukunaga, who at certain moments packs some effective visual insights, while not equaling neither the charm nor the photography of titles like Skyfall. Overall 007 No Time To Die is a good action movie, with a fast pace and almost completely free of dead moments despite the impressive length of time.

The new adventure of James Bond is a concentrate of adrenaline, a product of pleasant entertainment that nevertheless fails to go beyond a good form: it is in the content, and in particular in the third act of the film, that the film shows its side to considerable problems. of the script, which especially in the management of some storylines and certain twists heavily undermine the quality of the story.

In its central phase, No Time To Die allows itself a rather powerful twist, and through it prepares the field for a series of revelations that once revealed, did not satisfy us at all. Writing that, while remaining compelling in the first part, ends up being the victim of a situationism as an end in itself, and the public most attentive to the coherence of the plot will even find themselves lacking a series of answers.

The most disappointing aspect of Daniel Craig's last battle is, unfortunately, the antagonist himself. Rami Malek plays a complex and fascinating figure who is not given enough space, and while providing his umpteenth valuable interpretation the Egyptian actor is there. I looked like one of the most anonymous villains in 007's cinematic history.

The farewell of Daniel Craig
The talent of an extraordinary cast, and never so rich, is certainly the best aspect of No Time To Die, a film that for obvious reasons loads all its pathos in Daniel Craig's physique and in his gaze marked by the tiredness of a Bond arrived at its exciting terminus. Despite the obvious problems of the script, the twenty-fifth film in the 007 series rests almost entirely on the solid shoulders of its protagonist, who is bidding farewell to the English spy will give fans a heartfelt and moved interpretation.

It is in fact thanks to Craig that the public, net of the script defects, will find the ending of No Time To Die exciting and warm, the end of a journey that - through ups and downs - has managed to rewrite the story recenter of action cinema. However, we wished for a different farewell, because at the end of its 165-minute duration No Time To Die reveals itself for what it is: a good entertainment film enriched by an exciting conclusion, but unfortunately also one of the less convincing chapters of the latest pentalogy...

For Agent 007 it's time to rest. Daniel Craig, after having given new life to the character created by Ian Fleming and rewritten the canons of the most famous spy on the big screen, hangs up his tuxedo and gives us his most human Bond ever. An ending that manages to excite and a good direction by Cary Fukunaga, however, are just enough in front of a film that has its main weaknesses in the script.

The modern saga of James Bond closes with a chapter that effectively evolves all its protagonists, but wastes the space granted to a truly anonymous villain and leaves a few too many questions in its final act, confirming itself "only" as a good film. entertainment. The last bullet of this 007 is undoubtedly ready to hit the target, but it proves unable to hit it as it used to be.

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