Plan B 2021 Telugu Movie Full Review in 3 Movierulz

Plan B Movie Telugu

In a remote village in Andhra Pradesh, no one can have children. Srinivas Reddy, who came to the village as a doctor, gives treatment so that everyone can have children. However, although everyone has children, only one couple can have children. This allows the couple to have children artificially. Moreover, the Srinivas Reddy couple also has children artificially. However, the story turns out to be unimaginable as the offspring of the Srinivas Reddy couple are identical. It is in this context that the Rusa murders take place. But what is the real reason for all the killings? How did the police crackdown on those murders? You have to watch this movie on the screen to know that.

Srinivas Reddy, who has made a name for himself as a comedian, is making a series of films as a hero. Srinivas Reddy, who recently acted as a hero in "Plan B", is said to be impressed with his performance. Srinivas Reddy appeared in three shades. Surya Vashishta also performed well in his role. Murali Sharma and Raviprakash were praised for their police roles.

Director VK Rajamahi showed the story he wrote well on screen. Adding suspense, crime and thriller, the film opens as a good investigative wonder. The background music is also a major strength of the film.

Is there any major drawback to this film that seems a bit confusing from the start? A series of murders take place, and even if one is revealed at the end, the viewer feels that something is not understood.

In some places, the logic also seems to be missed. The first half went completely boring. The screenplay was also a bit disappointing.

The director showed a large number of murders in the story and was a bit interested in revealing them, but it would have been nice to see if the audience would have been a bit confused while revealing all of them.

The camera performance is good for this movie. The background music provided by Shaktikant Karthik is impressive. Editing also seems to be the same if you cut unnecessary scenes in some places.

Overall, this "Plan B", which is planned as a crime and investigation thriller, seems to be okay in just limited terms, but the rest of the film confuses the audience with a very confusing narration. It would have been nice if the director had been more clear on this. Overall, this movie does not give many thrills to those who want good thriller-type engaging movies.

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