Tuck Jagadish 2021 Telugu Movie Review

Tuck Jagadish


Adi Seshangiri Naidu (Nazir) is a large family in a village called Bhudevipuram. He has two sons, Bose (Jagapathibabu), Tak Jagdish (Nani), and two daughters. Land disputes are high in that village. Virendra (Daniel Balaji) of the Bhupathi family is the main reason for that. Seshangiri Naidu dies suddenly while trying to fix these. After that, Bose and Virendra join hands and the situation changes all at once. The whole family breaks up. How did Tok Jagdish, who made his entry as an MRO at this point, fix the situation? How did he reunite with his family? That's the rest of the story.
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Plus points:

The main plus point of this film is that it is Nani's acting. We know that Nani can cultivate any emotion very well. His look and acting in this movie are all more impressive than before. Ritu Varma as Pumpkin Varalakshmi is also impressive and has given good support to Nani.

Typical actor Jagapathi Babu's character is well set in the second half. All his scenes with Nani were handled very nicely. Daniel Balaji was impressed with his performance as a villain but completely reduced his villains in the second half.

The first half was full of good family emotions. The twist brought in during the pre-interval, the interval bang is great. Aishwarya Rajesh did as well as she could in her role. Naresh, Rao Ramesh, Rohini, and Devadarshini looked the same.


Minus points:

The main drawback to this film is the lack of novelty in the story. Audiences expect something new as there have been a lot of similar family emotional dramas in the past. But there is no such thing in it. Now the point is that Nazir has two wives in the film and the first wife's son is the only one who can not tell the audience with proper clarity. It seemed to bring some unnecessary scenes on me too.

The choice of Parvati as the mother in this film is completely wrong. Not to mention that her biggest inability to catch the screen. However, it would have been nice to have a well-known actress for the role.

Even Aishwarya Rajesh's character does not look new. Director Shiva Nirvana said the screenplay would be new but it did not appear.


Technical Department:

The film production values ​​are very good and the camera performance is impressive. Taman's music is good but the background music provided by Gopi Sundar is not very impressive. It would have been nice if some unnecessary scenes had been removed in terms of editing after Nani was given entry as Emma. The dialogues were nice but the screenplay seemed dull.

When it comes to director Shiva Nirvana, he is able to show emotions well even if he takes a simple story. Majili, two films he has done in the past, showed fine emotions even though Cory also has simple stories. But it is important to pay close attention to what makes emotions seem so artificial in certain key situations.



Overall, ‘Tuck Jagdish’ has a good family touch of emotions and good twists. Nani is the main filler of the film with her performance. The pre-climax and ending ended well, though the narrative was slightly damaged in the second half. However, Tak Jagdish will impress the family audience this week.

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