Vijaya Raghavan 2021 Telugu Movie Full Review In 3 Movierulz

Vijaya Raghavan movie 2021

Vijay Antony (‘Vijaya Raghavan’) is struggling more than his dreams of becoming an IAS for his mother’s ambition. During this time he stayed in the Government Colony in Hyderabad and prepared for the IAS. However, there was a clash with the rowdy Suri gang and some problems due to that clash. So the rowdy gang beat Vijaya Raghavan to death without attending the IAS interview. How did his mother motivate Vijaya Raghavan, who had lost his life's hope and was torn in grief? How did he win back as a corporation in the same government colony? How did his reign finally go? If you want to know such things, you have to watch this movie on the silver screen.

Director Ananda Krishnan's care taken to unveil the real situation in the slum area of ​​the city on the silver screen .. especially from the slum background .. the way the characters are dressed and the way the political, social and economic conditions are shown everything like this is well established by Ananda Krishnan.

The scenes for Vijaya Raghavan's Journey Taluk, as well as the scenes that elevate the character, are very good. The scene where Vijaya Raghavan is attacked by the opponents. Similarly, some emotional scenes are emotionally well connected. Vijay Antony, who appeared in the role of Vijaya Raghavan, acted well with his gestures.

Also appearing in other lead roles were Atmika, Ramachandra Raju, Prabhakar and the rest of the cast who were also impressed with their performance. The message conveyed in the film is also good.

Director Ananda Krishnan, who has done well in the main theme of the story as well as in some scenes, has appeared slowly in the rest of the scenes. Although those scenes may still be interesting, Ananda Krishnan kept them simple. Also drove the movie with mostly boring and slow drama sequences.

Moreover, he could not elevate the main emotion of the film just as effectively. Disappointed with unnecessary lag scenes in the middle. Overtreatment and screenplay are also completely unimpressive. Overall the key scenes are good but do not move the story forward. Increasing the length of the film for those scenes is another minus point for the film.

Songs are good when it comes to the technical department. The cinematography of NS Udayakumar is a special attraction of the film. He showed many scenes in the film very realistically and very beautifully with good visuals. However, if the editor had reduced the stretching scenes in the film .. it would have been a great plus for the film. The producers built this film without compromising anywhere. Construction values ​​are good. It would have been even better if director Ananda Krishnan‌ had looked at the script without a lag.

The journey of ‘Vijay Raghavan’, who grew up realizing the injustice in his mother’s life and turning that pain into an aspiration, was quite impressive in some places. Also, the dialogues in the film, the taking and the acting of the actors are good. Emotions are especially elevated for Mother Taluk. However, the second half is very sloppy, the lack of clarity in the play and the poor narration in some places are the weaknesses of the film. With that said the film is not entirely impressive.

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