Watch: Love Story 2021 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3 Movierulz

Love Story

Corona has run out of big movie releases. Expectations are high that it will be the next big movie after Second Wave. Audiences also want to see this movie as it is becoming a Fida combo over and over. The movie range has skyrocketed since the release of the Love Story trailer. This is our story... The audience waited in the belief that the movie will be like the story that appears around us. In this review, let's see how the movie came out and how it is ..!

Revanth (Nagachaitanya) runs the Zumba Training Center. Maunika (Sai ​​Pallavi) comes into his life while his life is going on like that. The acquaintance with her becomes the foundation for a new life. The two begin to love each other. At the same time, a middle caste is formed between the two. How they faced that caste... What happened in order to confront the elders... How the two careers progressed is the storyline of the film.


Naga Chaitanya gave career-best performance. There is no doubt that his acting peaks charm. Chaitu's performance in the climax is even more impressive. Chaitu is very mature which means a lot as an actor. No one would have expected such actions from him. So much so that he raised the level of cinema with his acting. Sai Pallavi, a nickname for Talent, is a perfect suit for the silent character. After Fida Bhanumathi, people chant Sai Pallava again under the silent name. Sai Pallavi impresses a girl coming to Hyderabad from the countryside by showing her that she is blindfolded. All the other actresses who acted in the film also performed well and were impressed.


Not to mention Shekhar Kammula in particular. There is no doubt that he is a master in filmmaking. Taking such a gap after such Shekhar Kammula Fida has caused some embarrassment to the fans. However, after this movie, it seems that the waiting has definitely been rewarded. On the whole, Shekhar 'Kammula' not only took his own mark but also took a different point and increased the range of the film by taking it in his own style. 

Even though the screenplay is a bit sloppy, the director says what he wants to say and impresses. The story shown by the director is connected by touching the social aspect. Although it seems slow in some places, Shekhar Kammula made the film impressively overall. The songs in the movie are nice. The music director gave The Best. The cinematography is also great. The cinematographer showed the scenes in a very natural way. There are some errors in editing. It would be nice if some scenes were cut short. Structural values ​​are narrative.

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