Konda Polam 2021 Telugu Movie Full Review In 3 Movierulz

3 Movierulz: Konda Polam Movie Review in 3 Movierulz - Konda Polam 2021 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz.

Vaishnav Tej's 'Konda Polam' has become the current talk of the town. The Forest Backdrop which was released on Friday (October 8) ahead of the holiday has evidently impressed the audiences much as it gets a mixed response on social media. 

On a related note, 'Konda Polam' has been leaked on piracy-based websites including Movierulz, Tamilrockers and Telegram. With its sudden leak, fans are disappointed as it might now affect the film's collection at the box office.

Konda Polam Movie Review

Krish did full justice to the film as a director. However, his story is not entirely impressive. It would have been nice to have paid more attention to the movie script. The music provided by music director Keeravani is good. 

Cinematographer Jnana Shekhar VS Cinematography is a plus for the film. The scenes all run very naturally in keeping with the cinematic mood. Conversations are good. The production design of the producers is also impressive.

An emotional drama set in a jungle setting, Kondapolem captures the emotions, the tiger track, some jungle action scenes, and the delicate conflicts between the characters. However, factors such as slow narration and a complete lack of commercial elements were a minus for the film. However, those who like different emotional dramas in Forest Backdrop will love this movie.