Varudu Kaavalenu 2021 Telugu Movie Full Review In 3 Movierulz

Varudu Kaavalenu

This Varudu Kaavalenu movie definitely has a lot of elements that will impress the audience watching the movie. Especially the emotional bonding touch seen in this film is very thoughtful and mature.

When it comes to Naga Shourya, it is arguably the best work of his career. Shaurya not only looks very neat and handsome in terms of looks with two shades in the film but also has a solid performance.

Ritu Verma has also done decent acting in movies by speaking beautifully in Telugu but with this film, she has shown more aspects of her clean performance.

Nadia, another senior actress, also appeared in a good role. This is a complete new middle class mother Nadia has done very well compared to past movies. Harshavardhan, comedian Saptagiri and Kishore Praveen, who played the villain, also impressed with their range of roles. In addition to these, Bane also entertains with good comedy in the film.

There is something a bit disappointing about this Varudu Kaavalenu movie which is that the movie runs a bit slow. The slow-moving narrative is the main story, blowing the flow to get into the emotions it would have been nice if it had been a little faster.

Sithara Entertainments in their production values ​​in this film are so good that they screened this film without compromising anywhere. Also the cinematography provided by Vamsi Pacchipulusu in the technical team is impressive and he provided good visuals. Also Naveen yarn editing is good. The background score of Thaman and Vishal Chandra Shekhar's songs are also a plus for the film.

And when it comes to courtesy of director Lakshmi, this is her first film but she is definitely impressed as a director. Nowhere does it seem like the first film to him, but in the way he invents the characters he writes but the way he handles emotions. She provided such a mature work. Definitely a belief that his films will be promising, we have to see what kind of subjects he will take up in the future.

Taken as a whole, this "Varudu Kaavalenu" looks like some other regular relationships, apart from family dramas, with mature content like a new kind of film, as well as impressive. Naga Shourya and Ritu Varma's career best performances and comedy emotions are also impressive. But aside from the story that seems a bit slow, this movie is definitely worth watching with the family for the Diwali festival this weekend.

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