30 Diabetes Symptoms Part 2

Dry mouth
Diabetes Symptoms

A dry mouth is a clear warning sign of diabetes. It also exacerbates the effects of diabetes by increasing blood sugar levels, causing total physical damage. Dry mouth is not only a symptom of elevated blood sugar levels but also the main cause of elevated blood sugar levels.
Very hungry
Diabetes Symptoms

When the blood sugar level is abnormally high (hyperglycemia) for a long time, the glucose in the blood cannot penetrate the cell wall, which may be caused by insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. Our body cannot efficiently convert food into energy, so we feel that we need to eat more.

Excessive urination
Diabetes Symptoms

High blood sugar causes the kidneys to work overtime to process excess sugar, which causes the kidneys to process more water in a shorter period of time, so people with high blood sugar will also show the need to urinate more frequently-this is a condition It is called polyuria.

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