30 Diabetes Symptoms Part 3

Extremely thirsty
Diabetes Symptoms

Extreme thirst is a side effect of high blood sugar and polyuria. Frequent extreme thirst is another sign of diabetes. High blood sugar makes the kidneys work harder to process excess sugar, which makes people need to urinate more frequently, which ultimately leads to dehydration.

Very disgusting
Diabetes Symptoms

Your body will need to burn fat to create enough energy to power your body. When it does this, your liver produces dangerous levels of ketones, which can lead to a life-threatening condition called diabetic ketoacidosis. Too many ketones can make you feel sick.

Itchy skin
Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes can cause dry skin and impaired blood circulation. People with diabetes experience itching due to spots on the body and poor blood flow. Most itching occurs on the legs and feet. The discolored skin can become itchy.

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