30 Diabetes Symptoms Part 4

Decreased sensation in limbs
Diabetes Symptoms

High blood sugar can cause different degrees of diabetic neuropathy and damage the nerves that send signals from the hands and feet. Sometimes people may not have any symptoms, but the most common symptoms are loss of sensation in the hands, legs and feet.

Slow wound healing
Diabetes Symptoms

High blood sugar levels in people at high risk of diabetes can cause poor blood circulation. This in turn prevents the optimal level of blood from reaching areas of the body affected by cuts and ulcers. Blood is an important substance for repairing skin damage.

Inexplicable fatigue
Diabetes Symptoms

Feeling tired without doing any physical activity is a warning sign. Abnormally high blood sugar levels can change the consistency of blood, slow down blood circulation, and make cells less than optimal oxygen and nutrients. In turn, this can cause inflammation of the cells and ultimately fatigue.

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