30 Diabetes Symptoms Part 5

Sudden weight loss
Diabetes Symptoms

A sharp increase or decrease in weight that does not seem to have an obvious cause may be a sign of type 2 diabetes. A lack of insulin prevents the body from absorbing glucose, which leads to the burning of fat to create energy. This leads to a decrease in body fat and overall weight.

Diabetes Symptoms

Although people with prediabetes rarely experience this condition, in extreme cases, large blisters appear on the body. These blisters are similar to burn blisters and contain a lot of liquid. The most common place for these diabetic blisters to appear is on the hands, forearms, or feet.

Abnormal tone
Diabetes Symptoms

Tone with a sweet or nail polish smell is a clear sign of ketoacidosis. This is a short-term condition related to diabetes caused by high glucose levels. Irregular ketone levels can increase your risk of diabetes.

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