30 Diabetes Symptoms Part 6

Easily irritated
Diabetes Symptoms

Anger and depression are common symptoms of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Fluctuating blood sugar levels can cause mood swings and fatigue, making people easy to get angry for any reason. In addition, low sugar levels can lead to impaired judgment and moodiness.

Yeast infection in women or tinea cruris in men
Diabetes Symptoms

There is a strong link between diabetes and yeast infections. If you are a woman with poorly controlled diabetes, the chance of frequent yeast infections will be much greater. Women are susceptible to yeast sensation, while men usually suffer from tinea cruris.

Sexual problems
Diabetes Symptoms

Although sexual dysfunction and bladder problems tend to increase with age, people with diabetes can make them worse. Explain that because diabetes severely destroys your blood sugar levels, your blood vessels and nerves will also be damaged. Therefore, keeping blood sugar levels within the normal range is crucial.

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