Cauliflower 2021 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz


'Cauliflower' witnessed the caption "Shilo Rakshati Rakshita" and left the film. The director's writers have tried to make it funny by showing it sarcastically in some places. Shampoo, who later appeared in the role of Cauliflower, transcended the role. He made some comedy gestures especially well with his body language.

Particularly impressive were the scenes of Sampoo standing in front of the assembly with shit-covered wounds, just placing the ‘cauliflower’ horizontally without the yarn on the shit. Posani was impressed by appearing as a cop. Similarly, the rest of the lead actors were also impressed with their performance in those roles.

Over and over most of the scenes in the film feel completely cinematic but in a way that is actually convincing while stretching completely away from what is actually unbelievable. In addition to that, the treatment is also boring. The track for the Andy Flower character is also not good.

The main minus points of the film are the lack of proper plow in the film, the lack of interesting content in the main treatment, and the fact that all the key scenes in the pre-climax and second half are sloppy.

Speaking of the technical department .. the directors tried to impress in some parody comedy scenes but could not write the storylines in an impressive way. Cinematography is okay anymore. The music provided by the music director just feels okay. The editor is okay. Production values ​​adopted by the producers are in line with the film.

Shampoo, who makes films with parody elements, once again came up with his style film 'Cauliflower'. But the film did not go down well. The film manages to entertain as well as entertain with its boring treatment and boring treatment and comedy scenes. Overall the film is disappointing.

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