Henry Cavill has always expressed his desire to return to take on the role of Superman in the DC Universe. The actor played the Man of Steel in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Now his fate hangs in the balance, but he has no doubts: he wants to go back to playing Superman.

Cavill talked about the plans of director Zack Snyder, who with his Snyderverse was to give life to his own saga of five films for DC. In his plans, Superman was supposed to succumb to Anti-Life Equation when Lois Lane, who would be pregnant at this point in the story, was killed by Darkseid. This event would have triggered a new nightmare reality. Redeemed after Batman's death, Superman at this point was supposed to unite the heroes of the DCEU in the Justice League 3 conceived by Snyder as a sequel to Man of Steel.

In addition to this project, Snyder also envisioned a Justice League 2, which would give birth to an anti-Superman insurrection of Batman that would send the Flashback in time to prevent the apocalyptic future. So Snyder's Justice League sequels would be about Superman learning "to become Clark Kent again, feeling more human than ever as he starts a family with Lois."

The ending of it all would then lead Superman to be the real leader, failing Batman, and close the whole thing in an incredible final chapter that would also involve Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa's Aquaman, who would respectively lead the warriors of Themyscira and the armies of Atlantis into battle against Darkseid.

"I was very excited to bring the early stages of Superman's journey to the screen," Cavill said in an interview with GQ Spain. "There was Man of Steel, and then we got a little darker with Batman v Superman. What if I found myself succumbing to Anti-Life Equation, becoming Superman villain [which we should have seen in the Justice League sequels. ], my desire was to really make sure you saw the hero Superman, the true symbol of hope, the beacon of light, before making him lose himself in the path of darkness and then making him reach redemption. "

The actor then concluded on a hopeful note: "It's still something I really want to realize." And many fans would like it too, who have expressed a willingness to see Henry Cavill as Superman again. It will happen? Maybe.

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