Peddanna 2021 Telugu movie Review In 3Movierulz


 The image of superstar Rajinikanth does not need to be specifically mentioned about the fan base. It will be a long time before his image and craze get hit. Telugu and Tamil audiences in particular are waiting for such a sensational blockbuster. In this sequence, director Shiva, who has been making films to impress mass and class audiences, shows his favorite hero in another range as soon as the director announces the film "Peddanna" (Annattam) in Shiva Combination. Rajinikanth will have a mass entry in the Kolkata backdrop as the starting point mass in the film Fastoff. There is no doubt that this is an elevation charm that kicks fans.

From there the story goes to the king's village. There seems to be an overdose of sister sentiment between Rajinikanth and Kirtisuresh. Also, the less said about the characters of Khushboo and Meena the better. With the entry of their characters, it goes to the level of Boring Next which went on till then. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The audience, who came to the theater with many expectations, could not tell specifically how many scenes there were if they were reading messages on mobiles rather than on screen.

With Kirtisuresh leaving the wedding, the real story starts from there. After that Rajinikanth enters Kolkata... where the bar fight for the younger sister is impressive. There Rajinikanth elevated the mass image to please the fans and the audience and the director seemed to be successful in that scene. From there, there will be the entry of the original villains Abhimanyu Singh and Jagapathibabu. Kirtisuresh is in trouble like the originals. How Rajinikanth protects his younger sister from them is now going on in a commercial format.

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