Radhe Shyam: Prabhas Fans Fires On Uv Banner And Producers

Radhe Shyam

The moment that Prabhas fans have been waiting for for years has come. The first song came from Radhe Shyam. The makers have given a gift from Radhe Shyam saying that this is the writing. However, this update, which was supposed to be given at five o'clock in the evening, was given at about nine o'clock. That means these four hours in the middle the fans hurt the tribe. He said he would give it at eight o'clock and gave her a hand again. Anyway, the whole song came out. Impressed the fans.

However, Prabhas and Pooja Hegde were not clearly seen in the lyrical video as they were shown as animations. But the concept of the film is something that everyone can understand. The first song is about a lover who never meets someone? Pooja Hegde was traveling on the train at the time. Prabhas is coming in the car. The train accident will take place before the hand can be picked up. That means the two of them will not meet there and will die.

From there the song flies into the gall again and then into the sea. However, there are palm toys that look like magnifying glasses. But eventually sinks into the waters. It looks like space even after sinking inside there. The planets appear. However, the song as a whole seems to be a birthright bond, but it seems that there is no luck in living together in any birth. All in all, many hints were left in a single song.

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