Ravi Teja took the 'Ravanasura' movie seriously


Ravi Teja took the matter very seriously. No matter how serious it is, there is no hesitation in even turning to lawyers for it. So what is Ravi Teja taking seriously and why is he circulating around lawyers? For a character.

Directors usually say that Ravi Teja, who is going to follow, has changed the latest Ravanasura film style. Ravi Teja is going to play the role of a lawyer in this movie. For this, he changed his style. How Real Lawyers Behave. How to argue in case time? What is their body language like? Two lawyers are taking Mary's training on the subject. While learning the sections related to court arguments. Taking court references.

Sudhir Varma is directing Ravanasura. Recently, an announcement came out. The title, First Look, has also been released. Ravi Teja appears in the style of Ravanasurya with ten heads. The audience and fans expressed their happiness that an attempt was made to elevate Ravi Teja's character in such a different way.

However, the makers are very happy that Ravi Teja is working so hard for this film. Director Sudhir Varma is directing the film. Srikanth Visa offers stories and words. The film is being produced by Abhishek Nama under the banner of Abhishek Agarwal Arts. Looking at the movie title poster, it is clear that director Sudhir Verma is going to unveil Ravi Teja in another dimension.

Ravi Teja is also becoming a producer with Ravanasura Cinema. The movie announcement poster is titled RT TeamWorks. That's what netizens think of Ravi Teja TeamWorks. Will Mari Ravi Teja be the only producer for his own films? Or anchor another talent? Is a must-see. It is learned that Ravi Teja, who had a blockbuster hit with Crack this year, is also in the process of completing the shooting of 'Dhamaka' under the direction of commercial star hero Trinathrao after completing 'Khiladi'.

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