Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Director explained reasons that led him to participate in the project


Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is set to be released in cinemas around the world, the film is based on the popular horror video game franchise CAPCOM. The screenwriter and director of the film, Johannes Roberts, explained in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly the reasons that led him to participate in the project and what we should expect.

Roberts admitted he signed on without knowing what he wanted to do with Constantin Film, the production team behind all the Resident Evil films. The director also talked about the six films with Milla Jovovich: “They never had anything to do with games. I'm a horror, ”he said. The critically acclaimed remake of Resident Evil 2 in 2019 gave Robert the impetus to carry out this project and among the cinematic influences that inspired him are films such as Dark Waters and the TV series Chernobyl. "I remember playing the second game and thinking 'This is a movie.' It just completely blew me away. The aesthetics, the tone, the atmosphere. I'm a horror type. I'm a Stephen King type. I'm a John Carpenter type. All of these things are somehow integrated into the fabric of this movie. I was like, 'Let's make a scary movie again!' "

From the trailer for Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City it is clear that this film has faithfully taken some environments well known by players such as the villa and the police department of Raccoon City. “I think [Welcome to Raccoon City] sets everything up very well, an origin story for each of our characters, I think it would really matter to me that we don't just use it as a stepping stone into our own crazy world.

I think there is so much in the games that are so fascinating and exciting that I would really like to continue exploring this world. "Roberts also called Resident Evil 4" an amazing and revolutionary game "and he would love to adapt that story in the future, but he has even admitted that he didn't get the chance to play the latest title in the series, Resident Evil Village. The reason why? Roberts was unable to get hold of a Playstation 5. The director also confirmed that the film is not set in the same universe as Netflix's upcoming Resident Evil series saying, "are two very separate things. Aside from the name, there's really no crossover. That's a very different Netflix sci-fi thing, while this movie is a retro horror, Stephen King style. And that's super, super game loyal. "

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