Spider-Man: All The Costumes Worn By Tom Holland In The Marvel Cinematic Universe - Business Veeru

We know how important the evolution of the costume is for Spider-Man, both from the symbolic point of view and from the functional one, with the addition of gadgets and technologies of all kinds. But how many outfits have Peter Parker tried on in the MCU?


Let's try to make a quick recap so as not to get unprepared for the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, obviously starting from the beginning: in Captain America: Civil War we see first of all a young and inexperienced Peter groped to sew a costume by himself from Spider-Man decidedly not threatening, only to then receive from the hands of Tony Stark the first, true Spider-Man costume that we will also see again in Homecoming.

Also in Spider-Man: Far From Home the good Peter had the opportunity to have fun from this point of view, between the upgrade of the classic version with the implementation of Stark technologies and the stealth suit, the one that ours will try to sell for the costume of that Night Monkey in the eyes of an MJ close to revealing her secret.

We, therefore, come to the present day: in Spider-Man: No Way Home we will see Peter wearing the Black & Gold costume, the one from Iron Spider and the Integrated Suit, with qualities still all to be unveiled. To these must obviously be added the Avengers Campus costume shown in What If...?

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