The Matrix Resurrections: Luca Ward Announces 'The Double-Double Of Neo Is Finished'


Approaching, the fourth installment of the Matrix franchise to be directed by Lana Wachowski. From a recent post by Luca Ward, it seems that even the dubbing phase has started to conclude.

A few hours ago the famous actor and voice actor Luca Ward, historical Italian voice of Keanu Reeves, announced on his social channels that he had finished the recordings for the dubbing of Neo in Matrix: Resurrections. An announcement that most likely equates to the definitive conclusion of the dubbing of the entire film.

The Matrix Resurrections

Recently, Keanu Reeves starred on a cover of Esquire magazine, dedicated to his return as Neo 18 years after the last film in the trilogy. The Canadian actor took advantage of the opportunity to send a message to a colleague: Reeves commented on Will Smith's rejection of the Matrix, publicly thanking him for the opportunity he unknowingly gave to his acting career.

Returning to the news made public by Luca Ward, the voice actor's post has accumulated thousands of likes and enthusiastic comments from the many fans of the film series, who can't wait to see the film in the hall!

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