Watch: Maanaadu 2021 Tamil Full Movie Review In Business Veeru

Cast: Silambarasan, SJ Surya, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Premji
Director: Venkat Prabhu


Maanaadu Movie Review:  starring Silambarasan is set to release in theaters one way or another after a long hiatus as to whether it will hit theaters.

The film 'Maanaadu' is directed by Venkat Prabhu and produced by Suresh Kamatchi at great expense.

Kalyani Priyadarshan plays the heroine of Silambarasan. SJ Surya is the most important character in this film, making everyone look like a villain.

Time loop
What would the mood be like if one day it happened again and again in a man's life in repeat mode? How to understand this world? This 'Maanaadu' film is based on the concept of a time loop with a different screenplay of what's happening around us. In the case of Tamil cinema, the recent film Jango is a time loop story

If known in advance
The film 'Maanaadu', which has been released as a thriller and science fiction film, has been very well received by the people. 'Maanaadu' has come as a Tamil film.

Silambarasan, the protagonist of the story, arrives in Coimbatore by plane from Dubai for the biggest 'Maanaadu'. Premji shares this with the well-wishers who are with him, understanding all that energy that foretells the new images that will occur in the mind. Especially for a huge 'Maanaadu' that is likely to take place on October 10, the unfortunate events that take place in it come to the fore like a trailer and let the protagonist know. The rest of the story is about how to modify those events and how to prevent them from understanding the situation and bringing everyone to an average level.

SJ Surya's villain SJ Surya does the same thing as Time Loop does to Silambarasan's protagonist Silambarasan. . Boredom strikes at one point when re-watching the same scenes seen. Even so, the way it was edited and the way the story was told is admirable. To those who have seen the monolithic Hollywood movies, this time loop movie that came in Tamil cinema seems to say that it is an average movie. Even so, the manner in which Venkatprabhu put the film with famous actors is admirable, as befits Tamil fans.

The fact of the matter is that the screenplay of this film for a variety of scenes will go unnoticed by many and be understood by many. Overall it can not be said that the film is incomprehensible. I have to say that it is a film that needs to be understood. The biggest strength of the film is the composer Yuvan. He is intimidated by the background music as if he accepted it when the scenes that came were repeated. Yuvan buys Assumption by giving PGM in various ways to the various scenes that Silambarasan comes up with.

If you watch patiently, 'Maanaadu' is a jolly entertainment film that you should visit with your family. The scenes of the film can be enjoyed patiently even if it is boring in some places. The 'Maanaadu' would have been even better if some of the scenes had been trimmed and the duration of the film had been reduced. Kalyani Priyadarshan has done the job perfectly. Overall the 'Maanaadu' movie is a Variety Silambarasan movie.

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