Akhanda 2021 Telugu Movie Full Review in 3 Movierulz


The first word that comes to mind is Balayya And Boyapati Combo. This sensational combo will not let down even an inch for those who went to the cinema hoping for more stuff. In the next level mass presentation where Boyapati shows Balayya, he proves himself again. In both variants, the mass cosmology of Balayya offers a solid treat that is different from each other.

Every scene that elevates Balayya anywhere to suit any time also gives a good treat. Especially after Balayya enters Agora Getup, the movie goes to the next level. The childish looks but the powerful dialogues feel superb. Also, in many emotional scenes, the childish gestures look touching. Yet in songs but also in action scenes his energetic performance gives a solid treat.

It has to be said that senior actor Srikanth, who also appeared as a villain again after a long hiatus, has done a very powerful performance in Negative Shade. His look Getup looks completely different and impresses with his settled performance, evoking all those emotions that the villain is in any range in Boyapati movies. Also, the scenes between Balayya and himself seem to give the audience a good treat for the adults.

Heroine Pragya Jaiswal also has a good space opposite Balayya. His looks are neat but glam show but good in the movie. As well as his chemistry with childhood is good. The duo is great, especially in the songs. Along with them Jagapathibabu, Poorna, etc. impressed to a certain extent in their special roles. Also, another big plus movie is Thaman Music. Even in every elevation scene, he was a great plus to the film, raising so much with his outstanding work.

The film is another high-budget film in Balayya's career. Dwarka Creations seems to have compromised their architectural values ​​nowhere in this film. Huge settings but in visuals but their uncompromising style is evident.

When it comes to technical teamwork, the first thing to say is for music director Thaman. The songs he gave and the background score were a further plus in the film. Also, Ram Prasad's cinematography showed good visuals.

When it comes to director Boyapati, Boyapati's style is separate from the way he presents his hero. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But for this movie, Boyapati has given a definite treat by presenting Balayyan in two new variations.

Boyapati also slowed down the narration in some places as Srikanth also gave good roles to other actors. The story also feels like a routine. But he was careful not to put even one thing that would disappoint the mass audience but also the childish fans.

Overall, this big release that came close to the Tollywood box office after a long time is "Akhanda". I would say that retains that hype. Balayya-Boyapati combo seems to be a treat that will not go unnoticed. Enough action elements Decent Emotions to impress the mass audience. Balayya in particular hooks the performance in two avatars. If not, there will be sporadic lags, a story that is not much new in the story, and the length, especially the violence in the second half, will not be to the liking of the class audience. These aside, the film is a good treat for the mass audience this weekend.

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