Watch: Skylab 2021 Telugu Movie Full Review In 3 Movierulz


The main point of the Skylab movie is mainly the plus point of the story, as well as the background to which this story took place. The sensitive elements and emotions written by the director 'Vishwak Khanderao' are quite impressive in some places. Also the innocence of the people, mainly in a small village, added to the naturalness of the film.

'Nithya Menon' has expressed her desire to make a name for herself as a journalist. Satya Dev as Doctor and Rahul Ramakrishna as Subedar Rama Rao acted well. Actress Tulsi entertained with nice timing in the role of mother. As well as the rest of the cast did full justice to their roles. Above all else, every character in the story is very natural.

Director Vishwak Khanderao seemed to be very slow in getting the story started, though the plot of the story seemed to matter in terms of the portrayal of the characters. Although the characters take time to get acquainted... 

The first half is very sloppy and boring. However, even though the director runs the story around a point called SkyLab, there are no turning points anywhere in the story.

Vishwak Khanderao as the director did not do full justice to the film. As well as being a writer he was not impressed with any of his narrative. It would have been nice if he had paid more attention to the movie script. The music provided by music director Prashant Vihari is not entirely impressive. Cinematography by Aditya Jawwadi Cinematography is a plus for the film. The scenes all run very naturally in keeping with the cinematic mood. Producers Nithya Menon, Pravallika Pinnamaraju, and Prithvi Pinnamaraju Production design are good.

The movie 'Skylab' which came out in 1979 with a different storyline about Skylab falling to the ground, was not impressive. Slow narration, over-the-top boring treatment, lack of strong conflict and interesting scenes, and missing commercial elements are all minuses for the film.

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