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OTT: Amazon Prime

Cast: Vikram, Bobby Sinha, Dhruva Vikram, Sanant, Simran

Production: Seven Screen Studio

Director: Karthik Subbaraj

Music Director: Santosh Narayanan

Rating: 3/5

Vikram is a well-known hero in Telugu as well as Tamil. He has been waiting for the right hit for a long time. Arjun Reddy's remake Aditya Verma's latest film 'Mahaan' starring his son Dhruv Vikram, who made an entry and wrapped up his failure. Karthik Subbaraju is the director of Mass Films' Caroff Address. The release of the film has been delayed due to Corona, who has just finished filming.

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The film team has decided to release the film on OTT in the wake of the current Corona Thirdwave boom and has released 'Mahaan' as the popular OTT Amazon'prime 'platform. The movie will be streaming from 10pm on February 9th. Let's see in the review that this movie which was released with many expectations has already impressed the audience.

What is the 'great' story?

Gandhi Mahaan (Chiyan Vikram), bored with a 40-year-old sluggish life by following Gandhi's ideology, and his wife (Simran) and son Dada go to Tirupati to fix the day's. That day will change his life. After taking his son and leaving his wife, Gandhi Mahaan became a billionaire and a liquor dealer with the help of his friend Satyawan (Bobby Sinha). A few years later, his son Gandhi Dada (Dhruv Vikram) becomes a police officer. Starts a mission to kill the people in that liquor syndicate to stop the liquor business.

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Dada challenges Gandhi to kill everyone in the gang and stop this liquor business. Gandhi finds himself in a difficult situation where he has to stand up for a lifelong friend or a divorced son. To whom did Gandhi stand at that time? Will Dada fulfill the challenge of quitting alcohol? Will Dada and Gandhi finally meet? You have to watch a movie to know that.

'Great' twists

It feels a bit stretched when the movie starts but after going into the original story the movie is crafted with so many twists that it completely sticks to the seats. It can be interesting to meet young friends inadvertently, changing their lives together. The way Gandhi expanded his business after his wife took his son away, and the way he shaped his own minister, are impressive. What actually happens next in some scenes? The article written by Karthik Subbaraju as an armor without any guesswork is amazing.

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The original film goes on unexpectedly. How did Ale become a don on the liquor syndicate when he grew up, telling his father at an early age that Gandhi would live a great life fighting for the anti-alcohol movement? What did the man who was so don do for his son? Twists are something you should know by watching a movie.

Taking the director

After a disaster like Jagame Tantra, Karthik Subbaraj is back in form with 'Mahaan'. There is a good scope for drama between the characters in the film. Karthik used it wisely. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, despite some minor lags in the film. Karthik did the magic so that you can watch the movie without even moving your attention.

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Not long after that came the expected outfit from director Karthik Subbaraj though. Karthik's magic worked in the dialogues as well. The second half in particular is sure to amaze us. However, the cinematic lag causes more feelings. Most of the scenes are unpredictable but in some scenes it is predictable.

Vikram acting

Chien Vikram once again put on an amazing performance. Vikram was thrilled to find a character like Gandhi who could show his acting universe. Not long after, he brought a rich look to the film with his attractive screen presence and led the entire film over his hands.

Much of the great is actually Vikram’s one-man show. He carried the One Man Show on his shoulders very easily. Karthik provided the role needed to bring out the actor monster in Vikram. This is arguably the best of all the roles Vikram has done in recent times.

The acting of other actors including Dhruv

Dhruv, on the other hand, is almost in full form. After starring in Aditya Verma's super romantic, Angry Young Man Law, his role in Mahaan was a huge plus. He lives up to his role as a police officer who vents his anger on his father and waits for revenge. Aditya Varma has more acting maturity in Dhruv than in cinema.

Dhruv performed even more brilliantly in the father-son combo, scenes in which Psy means Psy between the two of them. The longer Simran played a minor role the more his experience was made visible on screen. Little is said about Bobby Sinha and his performance. Once again impressed with his acting. No longer is his makeover interesting though. Starting as a lad he looked like an old man and was amazed. Sanath, who played Bobby Sinha's son Rocky, was also impressed. The rest of the cast acted according to their range.

When it comes to technology

Santosh Narayanan's songs are not really a plus for a movie like Mahaan. The background score was also good in some places but not good in others. Shreyas Krishna's cinematography is top-class. Especially the framing and lighting of the scenes was also improved.

In the scene where Dada kills Rocky, however, the camera technique is just another level. Now Vivek Harshan has more work to do on the editing table. Some scenes may have been trimmed to keep it gripping. Karthik succeeds in writing impressive twists and turns, including the pre-climax portion.

As the final

Vikram's excellent screen presence and Dhruv's acting are a big plus for the Mahaan film. Had it been released in theaters it would have rained collections. Regardless of the Telugu states, good collections are available in Tamil as well. Definitely, a must-watch movie with the family.

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