Avatar 2 - The makers are planning to release the teaser of Pushpa 2 along with Avatar the Way of Water | 3Movierulz

At present, the crazy movie "Avatar 2'' is eagerly awaited by movie lovers all over the world. The sequel to James Cameron's masterpiece 'Avatar' is being made on a massive scale with world-first technology. Coming as the second installment of 'Avatar', this movie is going to be released on December 16 in a record number of theaters with the name Avatar the Way of Water. It will be released in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada languages.

Bookings have already started. This movie is rewriting records in terms of the advance. Advance bookings have started on 45 screens in premium parts and the tickets have been sold at a record level and which is surprising. Advance bookings began in the last week of November and 15000 tickets were sold in just three days. Avatar, which came 13 years ago, created a sensation all over the world.

It seems that the sequel "Avatar the Way of Water'' is going to create more records than that. The ticket rate of this movie ticket has already been finalized at a record level of Rs.1400 in other states except in both the Telugu states. Due to this, bookings are taking place at a record level. In both our Telugu states, the ticket rates for 'Avatar the Way of Water' are Rs. 350 only is special.

If this is the case, the record-level craze for 'Avatar the Way of Water' is continuing in both the Telugu states. But it is noteworthy that there is no demand for tickets at that level. Many makers planning to release their movies in theaters after 'Avatar the Way of Water' are adding the publicity content of their movies with this movie trailer and releasing it to the theaters. They are planning to grab this movie craze to the maximum for their movies.

In this background Cube and UFO, companies are demanding the publicity content of Telugu movies. It is known that the makers are heavily planning to release the teaser of "Pushpa 2'' with "Avatar the Way of Water''. With this, they want to target the pan-India market. Similar to the Pushpa 2 team, there are reports that Nikhil will attach 18 pages of Ravi Teja Dhamaka with Avatar the Way of Water.

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