Sankranti war lock fighting in the middle of that quarter

copyrightSankranti war lock fighting in the middle of that quarter
It is known that the countdown to Sankranti movie releases has started. The festival is still a week away. With this, it seems that the pending works should be completed and ready as soon as possible for the release of the films. The first show has to fall on time without any last-minute delay.

As a rule, the team should always be prepared in every way. This Sankranti there is a competition between about four movies. Mainly two movies are you? am It is known that kicking in that range is perfect. It is already known that Megastar Chiranjeevi's 'Waltheru Veeraiya', Narasimha Balakrishna's 'Veerasimha Reddy', Vijay's 'Varasudu' and Ajith's 'Tegimpu' are in the running.

Veeraya is releasing on January 13th and 'Veerasimha Reddy' is releasing on the 12th the day before. Vijay and Ajith's films are releasing on the same day January 11. Balayya and Chiranjeevi are the main competition in Tollywood, while Ajith and Vijay have a big fight in Kollywood.

But to some extent, the effect of translated films can be seen in Telugu. Since it is the festival season, how about a movie for two or three days of the festival? Theaters are full house. If the hit talk is good for the movie, it will rain for the movie. Along with these, the movie 'Kalyanam Kamaniyam' will be released on January 14.

This movie also targeted the festival siege. Is the content being released as a short film? That will be a big movie. It will be highlighted as a movie that hits even the star heroes. So the movie cannot be underestimated now.

There are many small films that were released silently and made hundreds of crores. The big heroes are shocked to see their results. The star heroes of that effect also started coming in the middle of the audience.


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