Watch Komodo Dragon And Python Get Into Fight Video - Business Insurance

A video that has gone viral depicts an enthralling confrontation between a colossal python and a Komodo dragon, both of which are highly esteemed by the public for their wild nature. The striking footage showcases a savage clash between these two creatures, with the Komodo dragon seeming to gain the upper hand as it fiercely sinks its teeth into the python's neck, which appears to have been grievously wounded. Observing the python's demeanor, one can discern that it has seemingly surrendered to the dragon's superior strength.

What has transpired is an extremely perilous and violent altercation that occurred between two of the planet's most powerful and domineering reptiles.

The video has received many comments. Sharing a few here.
thera_mbanga, "I'm sure Mr dragon won this one".

pretti_taurusqueen, "Komodo dragons are powerful but look at the position he was in."

mdnasir08080877, "Rip python".

raghuv3680, "I am sure this is scripted... Poor animals...😔😔".

amelcindy738, "The snake will die for sure but the komodo may likely survive the snake venom because of the antivenoms".

an_850civic, "Im sensing an instant regret judging by this snake's facial expressions. There is a deep hurt in his eyes from his own poor decisions. But gave his all in battle. So rock on Kaa. You will be remembered in Valhalla".

lindsey.Vesely, "That's a monitor lizard, not Komodo 😂"

10libra13, "I'm dying to know who won probably that damn dragon but then maybe the snake hit them with his venom and they both died😂"

1_smooveg, "Snake bit off more than it could chew."

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