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Disney Plus Hotstar announces Yakshini series in collaboration with Arka Media

Disney Plus Hotstar today announced the launch of its original series 'Yakshini', which blends elements of romance, fantasy and comedy seamlessly. Directed by Teja Marni, this ambitious project represents a major milestone for the streaming platform. It allows viewers to experience a captivating journey where the power of love intertwines with Yakshini's mission.

Fascinating story

The series "Yakshini" presents an exciting story that combines ancient legends with modern-day romance. Tells the story of Krishna A hopeless individual longing for true love, and Maya, a giantess bound on Earth by an ancient curse. Maya's mission is to save her clan by exterminating hundreds of people. This mission causes her and Krishna to become fatefully intertwined.

Their journey together is full of challenges that test their beliefs and change their destinies. The story in "Yakshini" not only captivates viewers with its gripping storyline. But it also reflects the meaning of love, sacrifice and fighting for justice.

Quality actors and crew

Vedika Kumar, Rahul Vijay, Manchu Lakshmi and Ajay play the lead roles in the series. Their performance was full of intensity and various emotions. Bringing the characters to life and are memorable. Produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni of Arka Media Works, known for their epic storytelling, 'Yakshini' marks the third collaboration between Disney Plus Hotstar and Arka Media Works. After the success of the series "Parampara 1" and "Parampara 2"

Launched in June

The "Yakshini" series is scheduled to premiere in June. And it is expected to be one of the most awaited series this year. Whether you're a fan of romantic stories, fantasy stories or just want an engaging adventure, "Yakshini" will not disappoint you.

Catch the launch of the series on Disney Plus Hotstar and get ready to join Krishna and Maya on an adventure in a world full of magic and great love.

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